Monday, April 28, 2008


Music Meets Fashion/FLAUNT Magazine Party
amazing hat.

Too cool for school without even trying. Nice tones.

He was a walking visual experience. Take note of the socks.

I don't think this picture does justice to the outfit... it wasn't as costume-y as it appears. YES, boys should wear red jeans more often.

Anthem Magazine/LEVI'S Pool PartyWay to accessorize your suit. Those high waist skivvies are incredible.

This girl actually made her outfit! The sunglasses pattern is fun and and the ruffle top is adorable. I want it!

From hair to sneakers I'm diggin it. I like the length of the shorts. Very Parisian.

Mono-kinis are not one in the same. This one has great cut-outs that compliment her shape as well as the missoni-like vintage print.

T-Mobile Sidekick Party

You can go nutz on this one. The hair cut, the long mono earring, the white nail polish, the neon yellow high waisted shorts...SICK. Now bring your attention to the footwear, these aren't yo mommas gladiator sandals, these leather shin guards are actually strapped on over her sandals. Genius.


alexandra said...

do you have bigger versions of the pictures? do you think you could email me a bigger version of the one of me?

my email's

thank youuu

The Clothes Horse said...

I love the hat and wrap on that first girl.
On making pictures larger, I'm not sure why blogger does this but if you make the alignment centered it won't get larger. However, if you align to the left (and I think right) it will allow you to click through to the larger size. You can play with the margins so the images still appear centered if you want. Hope that helps.

saray said...

Love the first look!

and the bathing suit is amazing!

Bob said...

Very nice blog with great comments. I found myself looking over all the styles several times. Your comments are a great help to understanding what is going on. Keep up the good work.

FLYNN ADAM said...

Most definitely feelin the leather shin guards girl's style ... and dude with the bow tie is rockin it well...