Friday, May 9, 2008

Betty&Veronica...they really do exist.

Echo Park - Barragan's

Beautiful cape. Who knew sweatshirt fabric could drape so well. I love the suspenders with the high waisted skirt.

Check out the sequins on this cherry red number. Initial thought: figure skater meets Velma (Scooby doo). I like it, it was fun to look at.

(click the pics to view up close)


Dale said...

I gotta be honest, I had no idea sweatshirt material could drape so well. Velma reference: epic. I dig her style. Love the write ups on the CC's...

JuliAM said...

oh, wow! i love the color combo.

alexandra said...

for ur question ; un cadavre exquis a "delicious corpse" its a game, you draw or write something on a paper, you double it ... etc ... then make something strange, funny or beautiful. a pun with my images

i love this dress !! and this pose... so woman !