Tuesday, May 6, 2008

Electric Temple

Echo Park

Stunning color. Perfect shoes. Perfect belt. Perfect clutch. Perfect pose.

(click the pic to view up close)


saray said...

thanks for the nice comment in my blog..
the coach is from ikea!!

really nice outfit.. i love the lenght of that dress

PLATFORM said...

Very pretty. Also, love your "about me" image. Jeremy Blake was an amazing artist, and will be forever missed along with Theresa Duncan.


karla said...

haha, thanks for the compliments lady :)


The Clothes Horse said...

So right. Her shoes rock and the color is stunning.

PLATFORM said...

I know! It's always cool to see people with Jeremy Blake adoration. Cool Hunter is awesome too! Thanks for checking back (as I will do the same from now on!)


AlicePleasance said...

This is wonderful!

Fashion Is Poison said...

love the shoes